Exercise 1: Spot the headteacher

Have a look at the individuals in the next four pictures. Two of them have had outstanding careers as headteachers in the UK, having received one of the highest accolades in the world for their contribution to education.

Can you guess who they are?
Why did you choose these pictures?

The two headteachers are: Yvonne Conolly (first Black female headteacher in the UK) and Bushra Nasir (first female Muslim headteacher in the UK). You can find out more about Conolly’s life in this BBC article.

Exercise 2: Race and (under)representation in education

Think about the following questions:

Are you aware of anyone from an ethnic minority group in your country who is a headteacher or has a senior role in education?
Why do you think people from ethnic minority groups do not normally hold this kind of position?
When you think about people in senior roles, does the image of a person of colour come to mind? If not, why not?

The following articles will help you to develop your understanding of race and representation in the school system. Although their focus is on Britain, you may find them relevant and useful in your own context, especially if ethnic minorities are underrepresented in teaching and managerial positions in schools.

Not enough Black headteachers in England. The Guardian article available from:


46% of all schools in England have no BAME teachers. University College London (UCL) study available from:


White senior leaders: 12 practical things you can do this week to create a supportive culture for your Black/BAME colleagues. BAMEed Network article available from:


Which article resonates with you most?

Activity completed!

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