Teaching Module

The teaching module consists of five units of teaching materials on the same topics as the teacher professional development units. These teaching units offer practical ideas, teaching activities, and detailed guidelines about how these topics and tasks could be utilised in the classroom. Each unit, as well as each activity, specifies objectives and outcomes. There are also a number of photocopiable handouts ready to be used in the classroom. They are provided in the five main languages of the project: English, Dutch, Frisian, Italian, and German. In addition, there are some adaptations of materials offered as suggestions for specific school subjects such as geography, math, arts, history, and biology. These are also offered in the core languages of the project.

The teaching materials are aimed at secondary-school pupils (age 10 to 18).

The teaching materials can be used in any order as required.

(coming soon)

  • Unit 1: Connecting global and local issues
  • Unit 2: Promoting ecoliteracy
  • Unit 3: Questioning images: Representation and critical visual literacy
  • Unit 4: Recognising diversity: Towards inclusive, multilingual practices in secondary classrooms
  • Unit 5: Hunting fake news through critical reading