“Bridging Global Citizenship and Multilingual Competences” International Conference in Graz, Austria

The #GCMCConference was a huge success.
We thank you all for coming to Graz and participating in our conference. It was a great pleasure to organize this event, that has welcomed participants from all over the world.

The GCMC Conference hosted over 85 participants, including 43 presenters, and 35 attendees. The conference had an international outreach, and a multilingual approach. We had participants from all over the world, from countries like Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Korea, Germany, and Poland.

A special thank you goes to the Stadt Graz local councillor Anna-Sophie Slama for being there with us during the opening ceremony and a big thank you to Stadt Graz for sponsoring our dinner reception.

On Friday, the first plenary was held by Wilma Hauser (PH Steiermark, Austria) “Transformative Bildung und Global Citizenship Education” and Katharina Platzer (MS Gnas and University of Graz, Austria) “Integrating global skills teaching into regular EFL lessons – walking the talk”.