GCMC Conference

It’s a wrap!!! Thank you to each and everyone of you who attended the GCMC Conference. We hope you had a great time here at the University of Graz!

📸 1: Pia Resnik (KPH Vienna/Krems and University of Vienna, Austria)
“GCE and Multilingualism in Teacher Education”

The conference took place on Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th at the English department of the University of Graz. It had two plenary presentations, and 12 sessions of 37 presentations in total. On Saturday morning, 4 workshops took place, which the GCMC partners held on the units of the GCMC project. In addition, there was also a poster presentation session, where close to 10 people presented their research through posters, as well as a roundtable discussion on Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching. We have received plenty of positive feedback and excellent impressions from the participants, during the conference, and in the feedback sheets.

Some quotes:

  • “What I liked the most about the “Global Citizenship and Multilingual Competences” conference was the incredible range of perspectives and expertise that were brought together in one place. Also, the conference organizers did an excellent job of fostering meaningful networking opportunities. There were numerous chances to engage with fellow participants and exchange ideas related to global multilingualism.”
  • “The possibility of truly exchanging with colleagues, thanks to the timetable and size of the conference. The excellence of the panelists and variety of topics, all around the main subject of the conference. The great kindness, availability and help of organizers and volunteers.”
  • “Keep it that way, continue to discuss around this important topic which is at the heart of other organizations […] Thank you for this free of registration and yet very rich conference”