The project has officially begun!

On Friday 9th October 2020, the GCMC toolkit project had its official start with a digital kick-
off meeting. The team, namely, University of Graz (P1), Newcastle University (P2), Fryske
Akademy (P3), Bologna University (P4), and Neosmart Digital (P5), discussed the general outline of
the project and quality assurance, communication and dissemination strategies as well as
future strategies and steps.

The team has started working on the first output by collecting examples of good practice
from teachers of various subjects who implement global citizenship (GC) and multilingual
approaches in their practices. The gathered materials will be used to contribute to the
creation of the ‘Framework of competences and self-reflective tool for teacher
competences’ which will appear online on the project website by the end of IO1 (August
2021), and form the basis for the online course which will be developed in IO2. Teachers
using this framework will be able to reflect on their GCE and plurilingual teaching
competences and observe their progress during the course and beyond.

PhD candidate and research assistant