How to post new content about GCMC


Version: 3 | Status: Published

This tutorial describes how to post new content about GCMC. It’s written for all partners with permission to post content on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


To publish content, you need editor rights on the Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If the following steps do not work for your account, in most cases it is because you do not have the necessary authorization. If this is the case for you, feel free to contact Daniel.


  1. Create a post draft on our Website
    1. (If you don’t know how to create a post on WordPress, have a look at this tutorial)
    2. Create a strong and meaningful title
    3. Create useful and interesting text content
    4. If you reference to any other project or posts, please include links to your content
    5. Create a post image and upload it as „Featured image“ to your post
      1. This point is essential and necessary for all type of content
      2. If you need any help, just send a mail to
    6. Set a category for your post
    7. Let somebody review your post
    8. As soon this is done > Publish it!
  2. Create a post on Facebook and Instagram
    1. Login to Facebook and go to our page (
    2. Open Facebook Business Suite
    3. Click on Create post
    4. Select Facebook and Instagram
    5. Enter your text (write a summary of your Website or post OR just copy’n’paste your text from the website)
    6. Enter the link to your website post (from step 1)
    7. Optional: add some emotions 😉
  3. Create a post on Twitter
    1. Login to Twitter
    2. Publish a short message about your post including the URL; if the URL is too long for Twitter shorten it via
  4. Don’t forget – You are awesome!